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The Importance of the ISI papers in the research resume of the scholars

published : 11 %421 2018
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The papers are recalled as the outcome and result of a research.

The Importance of the ISI papers in the research resume of the scholars

Recently, the importance of the papers has increased in a way that the resume of the individuals is summarized in the number of the papers that have been published by them. Of course, the amounts of the authenticity of the papers are not the same, and some papers are regarded as being more authentic compared to the others.

As a general rule, ISI papers suggest the highest amount of authenticity in almost all the fields of study which is followed by Scopus, ISC and research articles are among the papers including high authenticity. One of the indicators of being an authentic article is the number of the times it has been cited in other papers, that is, the number of times the other researchers have referred to the paper in their studies.  The authenticity of the journal which has published the paper is also of high importance. Every year, the databased webs provide the information about the number of the citations of their included publications and categorize the authentic publications based on that. One of the most common evaluations is done by Scopus for which the results are available on

The advantages of having ISI papers for researchers:

Publishing authentic papers brings various commercial and moral advantages for the university students and professors. The most important of them are listed below:

  • Being graduated in Ph.D. position: Nowadays, most of the top universities require the Ph.D. students to provide at least one ISI papers to let them graduate.
  • Being easily accepted in Ph.D. position: Today, in most of the counties, having published ISI papers gives the chance to the students to be easily accepted to continue their studies in Ph.D. position. In other words, if you have published an ISI paper, you will be more easily accepted by universities.
  • Getting scholarship from authentic universities all around the world: If you have published one or two ISI papers, most of the universities of the USA and Canada will grant you the scholarship for studying Ph.D. or sometimes MA or MS.
  • Being easily employed in governmental or private organizations: The organizations which formally work on the field of research studies, pay a lot of attention to the research resume and the number of the ISI papers published by the candidate.
  • Being employed in the universities or academic institutes more easily: having published an ISI paper makes you stand higher compared to the other candidates, gives the impression to the employers that you are scientifically knowledgeable and more skillful, and make them more willing to hire you.

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