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Depending on the text type, the warranty time is different. The warranty extends for the gold-level translation articles until the scholarly journals accept the texts. In contrast, the warranty period is as specified on the website for the other types.

Yes. A Certification of quality is provided for all the different levels of translation. This certificate can be validated through the web system.

In systemic translation, all the project details, including the translation's price, the translator's choice, etc., are performed by the staff. Whereas in the freelance translation, the details of translation, including the amount, deadline, and the expected quality of translated files, are chosen by the client. These details are sent as part of your proposal to the staff. After the requirements are checked, the related files are sent to the translator who works on the file.

When the translation is to be expedited, translation will be done in under 3 hours; however, there is a 1500-word limitation for these jobs. The job will be considered a golden package service.

At ESRPC, the translation and editing services are provided in 37 of the world\'s existing languages.

At ESRPC, all of the translation projects are done by experts in the relative field of text to be translated, including but not limited to medicine, engineering, science, and technology.

A proforma and an invoice are issued for each of the services rendered by the institute. An official invoice can be issued to the client from the institute if a request is made.

Scholarly texts are translated by graduates of the respective field of study or by a translator who has had enough experience in the respective field.

The difference is in the choice of the translator. When looking at the gold level, the translator chosen is a graduate of the respective field, and the results submitted are of the highest quality. At the silver level, there is a 30% margin of error in professional texts, and at the lowest level, bronze, the translation can mainly be used in class projects.

The difference between these two translations is only in the price; the costs are a third more than the normal translation times in the expedited translation. The results are similarly released in one-third of the normal time.

Any question or suggestion about the project can be communicated to the indicated translator via an online chat.

As per the client's preferences, the expert translator can provide all the texts and a sample of the translational work when requested.

All the steps and procedures in the registration and submission of an order can be sent to the client to ensure that they have had enough time to look over and consider all of the related steps.

After translation for the golden level translation, an inspection is done, and any errors are corrected.

The warranty of the editing of articles is valid up to the acceptance of the article. However, a warranty is generally provided for all the different volumes of texts as indicated in the web system.

Yes. A certificate is issued. This certificate is valid and can be followed up on the validation system.

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