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Originality of the Studies

published : 26 %085 2018
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Through the process of evaluating and scoring the research papers, originality of the research speaks.

Originality of the Studies

The most important point with regard to the issue is the way of indicating the originality and authenticity as well as defending it. Related to the subject, some factors are provided below that even presence of one of them is enough to reflect that the title is original.

  1. Conducting a research which has not been carried out previously: Definitely, any research which is done for the first time, contributes to the academic and scientific field and it can be the initiator of further studies.
  2. Indicating a new perspective that has not been worked: The authenticity of a research can have various aspects among which indicating the new perspectives can be recalled. Even if the perspectives are mentioned in other studies in subject proposal framework, it is still regarded as authentic.
  3. Inferences from others’ perspectives from new dimensions: Explaining the theoretical foundations of any field of study is among the most challenging tasks of the field’s researchers. In other words, the dynamics of any field of study is dependent on explaining its theoretical foundations which is resultant from the attempts of the individuals who are able to infer the available perspectives from new dimensions.
  4. Conducting a research for the first time in a country: Any research which is carried out for the first time in a country, even if it has been done in other countries previously, is considered original. The originality of the research is related to the research’s variables and the issue is increasingly important is the humanities and social sciences.
  5. Making use of the available techniques to explain the new means: In each field of study, there are particular tools which are used by researchers. And using the current tools in explaining the new perspectives does nor reduce the authenticity of the work.
  6. Going beyond the methodological foundations of a field of study: Though any field of study, has its own methodology foundations, particular differences and similarities can be figured out among them which might lead to new authentic studies.
  7. Knowledge Sharing: It can be carried out through various ways as follow: at first, the research can cooperate in the theoretical foundations of a field of study that can confirm its originality. Second, cooperation in action which is aimed at solving the problems which have been occurred during the research process and eventually, it might include cooperating in policy and decision making.
  8. The extension of another original article: one of the criteria for evaluating the studies is related to their ability to provide a background for further studies. All the studies that are extensions of the original ones are considered as original.

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