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Key Factors in writing Review Articles

published : 27 %367 2018
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A review article is aimed at organizing and summarizing the recent works with regard to the field of study in order to make them clear and understandable for readers.

Key Factors in writing Review Articles

A review article considers the background of the field; but, it does not deal with it. In points of the fact, it makes an attempt to classify the previously done researches, examine the available methods and techniques and deal with the further studies’ backdrop.

It is not necessary to mention all the details through these articles. It should be taken into account that the whole manuscript ought to be written in your own words and in case of any use from the others’ studies, it should be mentioned in the listed as well as the in-text references.

In the review article,

  • The comparison should be at least based on 5-8 articles.
  • The author’s idea with regard to the analyzed paper’s methodology should be conceptualized.
  • A critical analysis should be made on the chosen papers.
  • The recommendations and predictions with regard to the future studies should be mentioned.

How to find articles worth writing about?

The best way to find the prominent articles of a field of study is through searching the databases including Google Scholar, Springer, Science Direct, etc.

How to choose among the found articles?

  • Try to find review articles related to the field of study.
  • Select the papers having smooth and natural language in order to understand it in a nonchallenging way.
  • Through reading an article, you can find many studies related to the field which might help you in writing your own article.
  • As a priority, read the ISI journals’ articles; and the next attempt can regard the conference papers.
  • Try to include the recent studies.
  • Try to find the relations among the articles in order to be able to classify the content easily.

The types of review articles

  • Non-systematic/ Narrative review articles
  1. Searching and finding the studies related to the question/problem which was supposed earlier
  2. Selecting the most compatible articles and comparing and contrasting them
  3. Providing the concluding remarks in an article framework by using the personal ideas combined with the obtained results
  • The overall structure of a Non-systematic/ Narrative review article
  1. The Title Page,
  2. The abstract,
  3. The article’s body including the introduction, the analysis' method, results/ descriptions,
  4. The concussing remarks, and,
  5. The references

Meta-Analyses/ Systematic review articles

  1. Making use of the statistical methods in the results’ provision
  2. Possessing an overall structure similar to the research articles
  3. Making use of at least 20 articles

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