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How to write the results of an article?

published : 11 %265 2018
read : 2 minutes

The results section is aimed at answering the research questions and it might also include the findings which were not available in the hypotheses, being obtained through the study.

How to write the results of an article?

This part is a descriptive part of an article which focuses on the findings based on the experiments. Normally, there are two stages in writing results. At first, an overall picture and general info with regard to the results should be provided and then, data along with details should be provided and it is noteworthy that the sentences should be written in the past tense.

It needs to be pointed out that the hypotheses’ rejection or acceptance along with the reasons and details are ought to be mentioned.

How to present numerical data in the results section

In case it is to provide one or several data, they have to be explained through the text and for more clarification, they can be mentioned in a table, graph, bar, etc.

Related to the issue, simple sentences are preferred in this section; in other words, natural and simple language can be considered as a crucial factor since it is through this section that you share the knowledge and obtained findings with other authors and scholars. Moreover, all the sections of an article including introduction, methodology, literature review, conclusion and even references are written based on the results. Accordingly, this section should be written in as clear and precise as possible.

Avoidance of any redundant info in the results section

Try not to include redundant and repetitive content in this section; particularly, the info which has been gotten by a reader through the tables, graphs, etc.

Key factors with regard to the results section

  1. It is important to provide some info concerning the statistical methods, and the findings’ mentioning can be pursued subsequently.
  2. With regard to the statistical test, the required info has to be provided which include significance level, a degree of freedom, etc., but, mentioning the formulas and related info should have been done in the methodology section.
  3. Instead of mentioning many numbers, it is recommended to provide the mean values.
  4. Providing table, graphs, bars, etc. helps the readers to grasp the issue soon and clearly since they are provided in a brief and precise way.
  5. The results should be written in the order compatible with the order of the hypotheses.
  6. There should not be an attempt to discuss the reasons behind the rejection and acceptance of the hypotheses and it should be postponed for the discussion section.
  7. In case a finding can be well described in two or three sentences through the text, inclusion of a table is not required.
  8. It is better not to place the tables and figures in the text and instead locate them on different pages while submission of the manuscript to journals, conferences, etc.
  9. If an unknown statistical method is used, providing some info with regard to its use will assist the readers to find out the issue without any challenges.

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