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How to write appropriate keywords for an article

published : 28 %157 2018
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Keywords are particular words or phrases that by searching them through the databases, the research can be found. These keywords can demonstrate the overall framework of the research.

How to write appropriate keywords for an article

Keywords are usually placed at the end of the abstract section aimed at helping the readers to grasp the whole concepts which are going to be discussed through the whole manuscript.

Writing the keywords can be considered as the crucial steps in article writing so that it can be found among millions of papers in the databases. The professional, as well as correct keywords’ selection, has several advantages among which it can be pointed out that after the publication, the article is seen more which results in more citation by the other authors in the same field of study. Accordingly, the condition will bring fruitful advantages with regard to the occupational, and educational spheres.

The keywords’ range is 3-6 being variable based on the content of the article. The main principles with regard to keywords’ writing are provided below for more clarification and elaboration:

  1. As the primary step, take a look at the authors’ guidelines provided on the website of the journal to which the article is going to be submitted. By way of an example, it is recommended by some of the medical journals to make use of the United States National Library of Medicine, some journals focus on the number of the keywords which is ought to be written by the authors; accordingly, before getting started with writing the keywords, reading the instructions of the journal should be taken into consideration.
  2. There should be a reflection on which words and combinations to be used to be demonstrative of the whole discussion and objectives of the research. The best words and phrases are the ones being directly related to the title of the article. Moreover, the phrases which are common in the scientific field will lead to the case in which the article can be found easily since most of the researchers use the phrases for searching a particular info rather than a single word.
  3. Avoid using the exact words which are used in the title of the article since the words or phrases should be used that they support the study.
  4. The keywords should not be too general because they do not reflect the narrowed down and the specific field that you have worked on.
  5. The particular technique or method which has been used can be mentioned through the keywords since some of the researchers search the articles based on a particular methodology in which they are interested.
  6. Make an attempt to use the other forms of the words which you have used in the title.
  7. Making use of the particular websites which assists the authors in finding the appropriate keywords based on the title of the article, is another suggestion in assisting with the task.

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