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How to evaluate an article in terms of quality?

published : 25 %336 2018
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As a researcher, the higher the quality of the referred studies in your paper, the more advantaged it will be.

How to evaluate an article in terms of quality?

When you search for studies to include in your own article, you might confront with various studies relevant to yours. In order to find out which one to use, some particular factors should be taken into consideration including the publication year, the journal in which the article has been published, etc.

The references which are used in the article, are checked by the supervisors, readers, reviews, etc.; accordingly, the needed attention should be paid to the articles’ selection. Five factors which might provide you with fruitful information related to the issue, are hereby presented:

Find the journal in which the article has been published

One of the most important factors in the article selection is the journal in which the article has been published. Articles are ranked in the Journal Quality List. If an article is chosen based on this list being located at higher levels, definitely it regards a scholarly article which worth referring.

Collect info about the author(s) of the article

The next stage is searching for the information about the author(s) through the provided affiliations in the published article. In order to get info with regard to his/her educational and research works, to find out whether he/she is well known enough, the following 5 questions have to be replied:

  1. What information do you have about the author(s)?
  2. Has he/she done various studies in this field?
  3. What do others say about the author(s)?
  4. What fields of study has he/she worked on previously?
  5. What are the educational as well as the occupational background of the author(s)?

Pay attention to the publication dates

In which year has the article been published? Definitely, the recent works provide more advantageous and fruitful information about the subject of the study.

Examine the number of the citations to the article

Through surfing, usually, the needed info, as well as the scientific comments and criticisms about the article, can be found. It is noteworthy that the recently published articles have fewer citations, therefore, other criteria should be considered in their evaluation.

Determine the article’s quality

After examining the above-mentioned criteria, determine a score for the article and suppose it as the factor for selecting or not selecting the article.

It should be pointed out that, do not judge the article based on its title since at first, it might sound interesting for you but you might change your mind later. As a result, it is recommended to have a look at the study’s abstract to determine whether it is appropriate and compatible with your field of study.

It needs to be added that in case of using articles with low quality, your inferences will be based on wrong and valueless bases affecting the outcome.

ESRPC, a master in the field of publication, welcomes the high-quality articles all over the world.

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